Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Day Five: What Does the Beast Provide You With, Apart From Sex? What Need of Yours Does It Fulfill?

War is coming. It isn't an expression and I am not just tossing out words. War is coming. The power of the darkness grow ever worse. It collides and confounds and destroys my brotherhood. I have not yet found a purpose to its movements. Yet I am certain it moves with a confidence and direction towards greater calamity.

Already the great museum has sunken into the earth. The papers say naught of its death, only that it has happened and to unknown causes. An entire museum. Three hundred and sixty-eight souls gone to another plane. I could not save them. I did not know.

But the Beast would know. It smells a change, it senses it. When the maddening darkness is about to erupt, it stirs. The darkness calls to it. And so, it is a weapon. It is a bird in a mine about to collapse, banging useless wings against tarnished cage.

When the war comes, it will be the titan I unleash against the darkness. Fire with fire. Pain with pain.

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